Websites to help you with lesson ideas, resources and tools for creating.

General Resources:

Bravenet - Website Building Resources (K-12)

This website has many great resources for websites including sound clips, clip art and web page templates.

Cooltext (K-12)

Create cool logos for your webpage, presentation or word document.

Everystockphoto (K-12)

Search through thousands of copyright free stock photos.

Tag Galaxy (K-12)

Absolutely the coolest image search available. You must try it out.

Pics4Learning (K-12)

Thousands of free pictures you can use in your classroom.

MorgueFile (K-12)

Thousands of free pictures you can use in your classroom.

Animation Library (K-12)

Free animated pictures for presentations and websites.

Free Sound (K-12)

Search through hundreds of copyright free sound clips.

Soundboard (K-12)

Thousands of free sounds.

Soundbible (K-12)

Thousands of free sounds.

Dafont (K-12)

Downloadable fonts to add some flavour to your posters and websites.

Iconfinder (K-12)

Search through thousands of icons.

Blixy (K-12)

Create embeddable timers, text and logos.

WebEcoist (K-12)

A huge collection of natural phenomena from around the world. Truly stunning pictures.

PALS - Science Performance Assessment Tasks (K-12)

A database of performance assessment tasks for Science!


Tired of typing in long website addresses. Make them shorter in one quick step!

Another URL shortener that you can sign-up for and customize.

Google's URL shortener.

new10_e0.gifSearch Cube

An interactive image search tool.

Password protect websites with this URL shortener.

URL shortener that allows you to create one address for multiple websites.

new10_e0.gifFlash Gear

This is a site where you can create numerous flash applications for use on the website itself or to embed on your blog or wiki.


A Flickr Search Tool


Search the web for sounds.

Video Sites:

United Streaming (K-12)

Video database with curricular connections. Save your favourite clips and videos in your "My Contents" section. (K-12)

A free video database of instructional videos created by teachers for teachers.

Canuck Tube (7-12)

A database with Canadian videos, pictures and webcams! Preview before you use.

School Tube (K-12)

Similar site to teachertube. Preview before you use.

Vimeo (K-12)

A Youtube-like website that has a large variety of videos. Preview before you use.

WatchKnow (K-12)

Another video site that has educational uses. Preview before you use.

Video Jug (4-12)

A database of how-to videos. Preview before you use.

Snag Films (7-12)

A database of documentary films. Preview before you use.

Scholar Spot (10-12)

Free University-level videos. Preview before you use.

Cosmo Learning (10-12)

Free University-level videos. Preview before you use. (K-12)

Another video site that has educational uses. Preview before you use.

NeoK12 (K-12)

Another video site that has educational uses. Preview before you use.

new10_e0.gifQuiettube (K-12)

Use this site to get rid of the distractions on youtube (ie: comments).

General Lessons:

Learn Alberta (K-12)

Find projects linked directly to the Alberta Program of Studies. Set up your own workspace where you can
save your favourite project links and add your own.

2Learn (K-12)

Curricular links and resources for K-12 teachers.

Tools 4 Teachers (K-12)

Resources linked to curricular outcomes. Download daily lessons in a variety of subjects across all grade levels.

Primary Resources (K-6)

Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for
elementary teachers.

Sites for Teachers (K-12)

This site has hundreds of links to teacher websites.

Teachers.Net (K-12)

K-12 Lesson Plans, resources and articles for teachers.

All Teacher Websites (K-12)

Advanced search engine geared towards only finding
teacher websites.

Webquests - TeacherWeb (K-12)

Use the Search function on this website to find specific webquests created by
teachers. Create your own
webquests and add them to the site.

Best Webquests (2-12)

Collection of webquests for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Tech Trekers (K-12)

Fantastic website with virtual fieldtrips, virtual scavenger hunts, webquests, simulations, and other resources.

Language Arts:

The Teacher's Desk (4-6)

A selection of lessons, ideas and resources for grades 5 and 6 teachers.

WordAhead - Language Arts (K-3, ESL)

This website has hundreds of vocabulary building videos. Teachers can create custom vocabulary lists and share them with students. Great for students who use English as a second language.

Make Beliefs Comix - Language Arts, Art (K-12)

Students can create their own comic strip using this easy online tool. Final products can be emailed or printed.

SparkNotes (7-12)

Just like Coles Notes, SparkNotes breaks down famous authors work into layman's terms for students.

My Storymaker (K-12)

Students can create and print out a story using this fun website.

Reading is Fun Storymaker (K-3)

Online story creator.

Myths and Legends Story Creator (2-9)

Online story creator. Sign up to get all of the options.

new10_e0.gifMrs. Hurley's ESL (K-12)

An English Language Learning website. Lots of resources for ESL teachers.

new10_e0.gifKerpoof Studio (k-6)

A variety of language arts games. There is also a picture and movie maker. Sign-up required.

new10_e0.gifCybraryman's Digital Storytelling Links (K-12)

Long list of digital storytelling resources.


BrightStorm (4-12)

American math video site for middle and senior school where concepts are shown by video. This is great for students who didn’t get it the first time or the ones who missed school that day. A log in is required but membership is free.

new10_e0.gifGeometry with Google Sketchup (7-12)

Resources for using Google Sketchup to teach geometry.

new10_e0.gifDr. Mike's Math Games (K-7)

Printable Math Games for kids.


West Point Bridge Designer - Science

A downloadable program that can be used for Science! Allows students to design and construct a virtual bridge.

Science Movies (7-12)

Collection of science videos.

ZeroBio (9-12)

Biology quizzes, activities and games for high school students.

Medical Games (7-12)

Medical activities and games. (5-12)

Watch science videos online as well as download resources.

new10_e0.gifHarvard University (10-12)

Biology resources for students and teachers.

new10_e0.gifInteractive Excel

Science lessons in Excel spreadsheets.

new10_e0.gifScience of NFL (7-12)

Videos connecting math, physics and football.

new10_e0.gifScience Lesson Plans (4-12)

A variety of science lesson plans available for download.

new10_e0.gifEcoKids (4-6)

An environmental site for children and teachers with activities and resources.

new10_e0.gif50 Cool Science Tools (7-12)

50 tool interactive tools for the science classroom.

Social Studies:

Oscar Tavernini - Grade 3 Social Studies

This fantastic, teacher-created website has everything you need to know about Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India for teaching grade 3 students.

Path of the Elders (4-8)

An online game that teaches students about Cree life. (4-12)

Find global climate data for various locations throughout the planet.

Eternal Egypt (2-12)

An all-encompassing website about Egypt.

new10_e0.gifD-Maps (k-12)

A variety of printable maps from around the world.

Art & Music:

DLTK Kids - Art (K-6)

DLTK's Crafts for Kids features a variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters.

Artopia (3-9)

Comprehensive online resource for junior high school visual and performing arts. Includes student interactives and teacher's guides.

Smarthistory (4-12)

A website dedicated to Art History.

Princeton Online (K-12)

This art website has many lessons which include assessment tools and strategies. It also has virtual art tours.

Garden of Praise (K-12)

Famous paintings including artist and painting biographies, slideshows, study sheets, games and a chance to colour the painting yourself.

Learn-to-draw-lessons (K-12)

Drawing videos to develop students art skills.

DSO Kids - Music (K-3)

Online interactive music games, activities and music samples.

new10_e0.gifCybraryman's Music Links (k-12)

A huge set of links with resources, lesson plans and interactives

new10_e0.gifArtBabble (7-12)

Art website featuring videos from real artists.