Here you will find websites that have Interactives or links to Notebook lessons.


Smarttech Lessons (K-12)

Browse through thousands of pre-made lessons for your Smartboard and access valuable educator resources.

Center School District: Smartboard Templates (K-12)

Smartboard activities and templates separated into divisions.

Room 108 (K-6)

Smartboard activities for a variety of subjects.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources (3-9)

A collection of interactive math resources for use on your smartboard. Also a few spelling and Language Arts.

Smart Technology Sites (K-6)

K-5 smartboard lessons separated into subjects. Also includes some resources for teachers on developing lessons and utilizing the smartboard in their class.

Smarter Smartboard Lessons (K-12)

This website has links for K-12 Smartboard lessons, interactives and tricks and tips.

Tech.know Smartboard Resources (K-6)

This website has links to training, lessons and interactives.

Teqsmart (K-12)

Teachers sharing Notebook lessons online. Variety of grade levels and subjects.

Harvey's Home Page (K-6)

Math Smartboard lessons for div.1 classrooms. Check out the Utilities section for games like Hollywood Squares and Jeopardy that you can customize.

Engaging Learners the Smartboard Way (K-12)

This website has a ton of general information about how to effectively engage your students using smartboards. It has a variety of everything from tutorials, interactives and sample lessons.



Interactives 4 Alberta Teachers (K-6)

Subject specific links to interactive activities. Great for utilizing the interactivity of your Smartboard.

Teacher Tap Interactives (K-12)

This Site links you to Interactive websites for use with your smartboard.

Interactive Websites (K-6)

Another site with links for interactive websites geared towards children with special needs.

Interactive Whiteboard Games (K-2)

K-5 Smartboard Interactive Games

Interactive websites for K-12

Find a number of resources across many subjects from K-12

K-3 Smartboard Sites

Direct links to great K-3 websites for using your Smartboard

Rolie Olie Polie (K-2)

Fun educational games and activities for early learners.

Sesamo (K-6)

Interactive activities for your Smartboard.

Crickweb (K-6)

Interactive resources for your Smartboard in a variety of subjects. Includes some games.

new10_e0.gifMister Teacher (2-6)

Interactive flash activities for math and science that you can use on your smartboard.

new10_e0.gifJefferson Labs (1-6)

Interactive games, puzzles and reading comprehension passages.

Language Arts:

Visual Thesaurus (K-12)

This website creates a mind map of words stemming from your search word. Free to try, $20/year to buy.

Visuwords (K-12)

Online, interactive visual dictionary.

Lexipdedia (K-12)

Online interactive dictionary/thesaurus that also has options for synonyms and antonyms.

Learning Today (K-2)

Free interactive math and reading resources for Div.1 classrooms.

Ambleweb (K-6)

Interactives for Language Arts and Math. Some interactives were created by students.

Sight Words with Samson (K-2)

Use the online Demo to try out this sight word site

Poetry Idea Engine (3-9)

This fun interactive application helps introduce students to different types of poetry.

Bembo's Zoo (K-2)

Interactive Flash alphabet.

Fridge Magnet Poetry (2-12)

Create your own poetry using these virtual fridge magnets.

Word Mover (2-12)

Similar to Fridge Magnet Poetry except you can add your own words.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (K-12)

Interactive math applications based around math manipulatives.


Interactive Math Activities for various grades. Use them right on your smartboard. Browse using the drop-down menus in the top-right hand corner.

Phet (7-12)

Interactive simulations for math and science. Use these on your Smartboard or in your lab.

Learning Today (K-2)

Free interactive math and reading resources for Div.1 classrooms.

Primary Games (K-6)

Math Interactives for your Smartboard

NumberNut (K-6)

A selection of online math interactive games and teaching resources.

Aplusmath (K-6)

Another interactive math website

Splatsquare (K-6)

Interactive hundred chart.

Area and Perimeter (4-6)

Website that teaches students area and perimeter. Includes interactive questions.

new10_e0.gifLearn your Times Tables (3-6)

Interactive game to help reinforce multiplication facts.


FreezeRay (7-12)

Science interactives for your Smartboard. Broken into general science, biology, physics and chemistry

Phet (7-12)

Interactive simulations for math and science. Use these on your Smartboard or in your lab.

EdHeads (4-9)

Interactive Science activities for use on your Smartboard.

Interactive Periodic Table (7-12)

Click on elements to see their information as well as links to Wikipedia.

Photographic Periodic Table (7-12)

This periodic table has pictures of each element. Click on each element to see detailed information.

The Life Cycle of Plants (2-6)

This interactive website helps teach students about the life cycle of plants. Includes printable worksheets.

Exploratorium (7-9)

Science website that includes interactive activities and information on a variety of topics.

Planets (4-9)

An interactive model of our solar system.

Cells Alive! (10-12)

Interactive models of different types of cells and other Biology topics.

Physics Java Applets (10-12)

Download or use these interactive java applets online for your Physics classes.

new10_e0.gifCanvasMol (7-12)

Interactive site that allows you to manipulate 3D molecules.

new10_e0.gifScience in Motion (4-9)

A number of informative interactives for Biology class.

new10_e0.gifChemEd DL (10-12)

Digital resources and tools for learning chemistry.

Social Studies:

Maps of War (3-12)

Interactive maps showing the spread of democracy, war, religion, etc... over time.

Hyperhistory Online (3-12)

Interactive timelines. Sort by people, history, events and maps throughout different time periods.

Conflict History (7-12)

Interactive map that shows students locations and information about historical conflicts from around the world.

new10_e0.gifMany Eyes (2-12)

A selection of interactive infographics on various topics.

new10_e0.gifYTTM (K-12)

A site where you can search out historical events in certain years over time.


Interactive Keyboard (K-12)

Online interactive keyboard.

Virtual Piano (K-12)

Use this interactive piano to play on your Smartboard.

3rd Angle New Music Ensemble (K-12)

Interactive website that allows you to create music on your screen.

Glitchscape (K-12)

Create shapes to make music.

Sphinx Kids (4-9)

Interactive music activities as well as information about instruments.